Metal Signs

Colorbond, anodised aluminium and powder coated metals are ideally suited to screen printing. From safety signage, electronic equipment, serial no., plates or any application where a long lasting durable sign is required. The biggest advantage of using metal signs is their durability. As we all know, metals are a lot more resistant to wear and tear than other kinds of materials. At Excel Screenprinting, we use a variety of metallic materials that are ideal for screenprinting. Our metal signs can be made from colorbond, anodised aluminium and powder-coated metals. This selection of materials allows us to create metal signs that match your exact specifications in terms of appearance and size. Metal signs are used by businesses in various industries all over the country. They are often the best choice if you need safety signage, serial number plates, signs that will be displayed outdoors on a construction site or signage affixed to industrial machinery. As part of our signwriting Melbourne services, we are able to produce any number of metal signs that your business may require, all made from top-quality materials.

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