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Posters and display cards are still a great source of point of sale signage and we offer an extensive range of quality boards and paper for many applications. At Excel Screenprinting, we maintain a large selection of quality paper and boards that can be suited for many different kinds of signage applications. Posters and display cards are primarily used as an indoor signage solutions, mainly at retail stores and various other points of sale. They offer Melbourne businesses an inexpensive and convenient signage type. As professional screenprinters in Melbourne, we have been working with paper & card signage since 1990 and fully understand the needs of local businesses when it comes to putting together a signage solution that will work well for them. If you need display cards or posters, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about our products and services. Not only is paper & card signage inexpensive to produce, but it is also highly customisable. We can supply display cards and posters in numerous formats and colours that will suit your needs perfectly.

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